KeepKey Review

KeepKey was first launched in 2015 and has been regarded as a top hardware wallet. The device has a sleek design and a large screen which makes it easier to read account information and confirm transactions. With this wallet, authentication and transaction confirmations are done via the device which needs to be attached to a computer or smartphone.
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Compared to other hardware wallets, KeepKey has advanced features and has additional security measures to keep your digital coins and transactions protected. It will erase the contents if the software in the device has been tampered. At the moment, they support major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Testnet, Ethereum and Dash and are constantly working on adding support for more in the future.

Ease of Use

KeepKey can be used with any computer running on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. You can access the wallet using their Google Chrome plug-in. After downloading and installing the client software from the Chrome app store, simply plug the device on your computer’s USB drive and follow the instructions on how to set up your wallet and perform basic actions such as sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, viewing your past transactions and more.


The wallet will ask you to set your 4-digit PIN which you need to remember as you will be using this for confirming your transactions. There’s also the recovery sentence which will be shown to you once before you complete the setup of your wallet. You will be needing this sentence to back up your wallet so make sure that you’ve written them down correctly on a piece of paper and have saved them in a secure place. Such method ensures that your private keys are not exposed and kept securely.


The KeepKey wallet has a price tag of $128. It might be a tad costlier than other wallets out there but it’s definitely worth the price as you avoid the pitfalls and hassles of untrusted and lesser known wallet services. Would you risk your valuable coins by storing them on your computer or using third-party storage providers online? The few extra bucks that you’ll shell out is worth the convenience and extra security that you will get from this device.


If your primary concern is the security of your cryptocurrencies and to keep them away from thieving hands then KeepKey is your best bet. It stands apart with its professional and sleek design and covers all the basic features that you’d expect from a hardware wallet. This is a great choice for storing your precious cryptocurrencies and keeping them safe.

KeepKey Overview

Wallet Type Hardware wallet
Supported Coins Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Testnet, Ethereum, Dash
Platforms Web, Mobile App
Price $129
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